Thursday, 29 October 2009

market madness.

Going out, being ill, going home, boyfriend visits, staying in, dressing up, conditioning hair, being ridiculously tired & slightly lazy, eating alot, trying to save but actually spending = last two weeks of life.

Urban outfitters crop top, Topshop denim cut-offs, Topshop boots.

H&M t-shirt, H&M necklace, Topshop hotpants, Topshop boots.

Zara shirt, Vintage waistcoat, Vintage necklace, Topshop cut-offs.

Vintage denim jacket, Zara t-shirt, Vintage waistcoat, Topshop leggings.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

too much.

So i'm back in Nottingham and loving it. So nice being in a house rather than smelly halls! It also means, as we are all girls, that our wardrobes are basically 5 times the size they were previously, which is amazing. Definately the biggest benefit of an all girls house.

Haven't really partied it up much since we've been back but my time seems to have been crazy filled. My friends and I went to a Topshop 20% off night and then out for dinner, we also went to a vintage store 10% off night where there were many a interesting character! Just been having lots of fun really, had a ridiculous amount of nights in with the girls eating too much and watching rubbish tv but we all love it really. I've probably shopped alittle too much as well recently, and haven't been out enough to showcase my new threads! All that is about to change (hopefully.) Here are your visual aids..

Me, Izzy & Liv at COW.

H&M strapless vest, Topshop boots, Vintage waistcoat.

H&M vest, Vintage necklace, Vintage cardigan, Faith shoes.

Zara T-shirt, Gap hoody, Topshop bag.

Zara jumper, Accessorize jumper.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

summer love.

SLACKER! summer outfits, hello!