Thursday, 17 December 2009

too many new purchases.

Yesterday i decided it was about time to do some christmas shopping, however after buying lots of gifts for family members i felt as though it was time to treat myself. All was going well as i was walking away from the H&M till only having spent £17 on myself - purchasing a cardigan and rings, when i stumbled across a wonderful cream blouse. I've been lusting after an oversized cream blouse for so long and this one is perfect. It did set me back another £15 though, urgh drama. Excited to give it an outing though!

Saturday, 12 December 2009


My new Topshop beautiful boots have broken. disaster! i'm actually close to tears. the only thing that is cheering me is the thought that maybe Toppers have some new boot styles in? desp for some wedge extremely high boots. previosuly there have been none that were upto scratch, so fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Almost Famous.

The time has come to talk almost famous. In pretty much every blog post i've ever done i have been wearing this beaded waistcoat, which has become a legend in it's own right within my social circle. The waistcoat itself is actually referred to as 'almost famous' (that's right, we have named the waistcoat). It's name comes from the film released in 2000, directed by Cameron Crowe who happens to be one of my favourite directors of all time. We believe the waistcoat is something that would be worn by the leading lady, Miss Penny Lane, my ultimate style icon. So i just thought it was time to give you the story of 'almost famous' and why it crops up so often in blog posts. Basically it is a little vintage gem, the price was an absolute steal and it is just the most amazing waistcoat i have ever owned. I love you almost famous!

almost famous waistcoat, TK Maxx lace t-shirt, Warehouse skirt, Topshop boots and vintage jewellery.

almost famous, TK Maxx lace t-shirt with h&m t-shirt underneath, Topshop boots, Julien McDonald coat and vintage jewellery.

almost famous, vintage top, h&m leggings.

Monday, 7 December 2009

what a disgrace!

I cannot believe I haven't blogged in nearly a month! How time has flown by, good job i have no avid followers.
November has been a whirlwind of work, trips home, not enough going out, too much chocolate and tea, several tradgedies and a less than equal amount of triumphs. Here's to the what remains of December being a much more enjoyable month. Some recent/not so recent outfits for your viewing pleasure:

Julien McDonald coat, Topshop dress, vintage bag.

American Apparel bodysuit (as previosuly mentioned as a very lusted after piece!), Topshop shorts, Topshop boots, vintage jewellery.

New Look dress (mesh, velvet, lace and backless all in one = amazing!), Topshop and vintage jewellery.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

lost in the hills?

Why do lots of different channels play all different seasons of The Hills at the same time? It drives me crazy! I feel like i'm in some kind of space time continum? Aaaarrrgghh!

So i'm seriously becoming a little obsessed with mesh. Mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh. Black mesh to be precise. Someone buy me mesh goodies?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

busy busy bee.

What a busy stressful/fun week! I'm literally exhausted. Spent the first half of the week rushing around and going crazy about a presentation that was in on Thursday. It went kind of ok. Gave myself a little break mid week by going out for a meal for my friend's birthday to Strada, i'd never been there before and wasn't partically jumping for joy over it. It was nice to see some of the girls though.
By Thursday evening i was desperate to let my hair down properly so we headed out again for the second round of celebrations for Ezza's birthday. We hit Varsity and then Gatecrasher, was such a good night! Felt so good not to be worrying about work, it all starts again on Monday though. I love my degree but it's so stressful!
Friday brought another friends birthday, she had a party at a bar in town. I was already feeling alittle worse for wear but i manned up and did the job! Ended up being another really fun night which ended with chicken & chips with the housemates at silly a.m. Fabulous end to a busy week but I'm so excited to be having a night in right now!

ps. my lovely boyfriend bought me such a nice cardy from Zara when he visited this week, i thought i'd had my fashion fix until i hit American Apparel yesterday and spied the nicest mesh black number! LUST!

Topshop dress, vintage necklaces, vintage bracelet, Topshop boots, vintage bag.

Miss Selfridge t-shirt, borrowed belt, Topshop hotpants, D&G watch.

Topshop t-shirt, Topshop cut-offs, Topshop boots, vintage necklaces and vintage bag.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Spent the weekend in the big smoke. Family outing and all that jazz! Went to see Hairspray, not amazing but kinda fun. Were late for our reservations at the Waldorf but finally made it and had a really lovely night. However, i feel like i spent most of my weekend in service stations and rushing around on tubes! I never thought i could have too many costa's, but apparently...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

market madness.

Going out, being ill, going home, boyfriend visits, staying in, dressing up, conditioning hair, being ridiculously tired & slightly lazy, eating alot, trying to save but actually spending = last two weeks of life.

Urban outfitters crop top, Topshop denim cut-offs, Topshop boots.

H&M t-shirt, H&M necklace, Topshop hotpants, Topshop boots.

Zara shirt, Vintage waistcoat, Vintage necklace, Topshop cut-offs.

Vintage denim jacket, Zara t-shirt, Vintage waistcoat, Topshop leggings.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

too much.

So i'm back in Nottingham and loving it. So nice being in a house rather than smelly halls! It also means, as we are all girls, that our wardrobes are basically 5 times the size they were previously, which is amazing. Definately the biggest benefit of an all girls house.

Haven't really partied it up much since we've been back but my time seems to have been crazy filled. My friends and I went to a Topshop 20% off night and then out for dinner, we also went to a vintage store 10% off night where there were many a interesting character! Just been having lots of fun really, had a ridiculous amount of nights in with the girls eating too much and watching rubbish tv but we all love it really. I've probably shopped alittle too much as well recently, and haven't been out enough to showcase my new threads! All that is about to change (hopefully.) Here are your visual aids..

Me, Izzy & Liv at COW.

H&M strapless vest, Topshop boots, Vintage waistcoat.

H&M vest, Vintage necklace, Vintage cardigan, Faith shoes.

Zara T-shirt, Gap hoody, Topshop bag.

Zara jumper, Accessorize jumper.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

summer love.

SLACKER! summer outfits, hello!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

So it's been a while..

For some annoying unknown reason my lappy hasn't been allowing me to log in to blogger for the last week, but today is a different story.

So i've been back from Ibiza for nearly a week, had a wonderful time just relaxing in the sun with my mamma. Went to Ibiza town, which is somewhere i didn't visit with my friends last year and it was a little dissapointing i have to admit. Much prefer San Antonio, we hit Cafe Mambo and none other than Sarah Harding was sat at the table next to us, looking suprisingly stunning (and sober for the most part) in a blue maxi and no make up. Simple and chic, i was impressed.

Since returing to good ol' blighty i have been working and shopping and seeing friends. It hasn't been a bad week i suppose, but not the best. Going to LDN Monday morning until late Tuesday night to see my sister and friends which i'm thoroughly looking forward to. Not looking forward to, however, working tomorrow, and working wednesday morning, especially after such a rubbish 9-6 today. Why do i have to work?

Here are some holiday snaps. Some outfit choices may have been slightly dodge but holiday is a time to lose your inhibitions!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Right then, today has not been the best what so ever. Did not realise we had a brief to do over summer but don't really mind that, but have had abit of a rubbish day at work while it has been beautiful outside.

Still stuck in a holiday dilema which i cannot even begin to explain and had a very patronising conversation (on their behalf) with an old friend. Also some of my stuff sold on ebay today for slightly dissapointing prices but nevermind just need to keep selling i guess.

I have decided today that i am in desperate need of new shoes, heels and flats. I am also in desperate need of dresses, not ones that i just call dresses as they just cover my modesty with leggings, but actual dresses that can be worn with bare legs. The hunt is on. PS. someone please give me pennies to fund this.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Oh dear buying again..

Today i went shopping. Again. I'm honestly not usually this bad but i did have something that i needed to return so that's my excuse. The item in question: a very cute fuscia pink dress with an open back and bow that i wore to the horse races last week, however i realised the hook for the eye was sewn on the wrong way, very sad times. I intended on swapping it for the same one but knew this would be a hopeless task at my Toppers as the chances of getting the same dress in a 6 petite are basically zero. So off i trotted to Meadowhall..what a suprise, no 6 petite there either, meaning i was forced to swap it for something else. But how much do i love my something else? ALOT. Strappy floral tiny little playsuit. Tight bodice and very baggy shorts. I also bought a gold necklace with an orange stone in a gold kind of case. Will post some pictures soon anyway. It was a really good morning, however the afternoomn turned slightly sour. Had some unpleasent duties to attend to with a friend but all the same i was glad to be of service and always will be. Then the afternoon got worse as i turned down a weeks work at Glastonbury due to really rubbish shifts and the monsoon prediction and the fact that a week in the sunshine was my other option! Still feeling awful about it though. Yet the evening brightened with a sofa sesh involving galaxy, plenty of tea and SATC. Perfect.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Having a big sequin moment.

sS i'm not doing too well seeing as though my last blog was around 3 months ago. But i seriously am going to start doing this properly.

So since i got home from uni, i've been seriously clearing out clothes/shoes/bags and all things fashion. Today i took a trip to cancer research and donated a large amount of merch...and then purchased a bag while i was there. Defeating the point? I'm not sure. Anyway the bag is a delicious little gold sparkly/sequin number with a long strap perfect for throwing over my shoulder. I may give it an outing tommorow night. I have also recently rediscovered a beautiful little sequined waistcoat type thing from the spotlight collection at Warehouse which if i remeber rightly i purchased in the sale quite some time ago. Why haven't i been wearing it everyday since it's arrival in my paws i ask myself? I'm now making up for lost time.

Today i also visited the antiques market with my momma and pops and bought a necklace which i feel i've been looking for all my life, a steal at £4. I popped into save the children aswell and got a large floral meant to be blouse for £2 which my momma treated me to haha. I'm generally pleased with my purchases. Generally pleased with my day actually, been with my pops to look at possible new cars, visiting the BMW, Audi and oddly Volvo showrooms. And i had a thorntons ice-cream. I love days off.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I've finally got a blog. I aim to write here at least once a week or when something happens that is worth writing about in regards to fashion and everything it encompasses. Not feeling wildly creative right now, but will definately be updating soon.