Tuesday, 10 November 2009

lost in the hills?

Why do lots of different channels play all different seasons of The Hills at the same time? It drives me crazy! I feel like i'm in some kind of space time continum? Aaaarrrgghh!

So i'm seriously becoming a little obsessed with mesh. Mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh. Black mesh to be precise. Someone buy me mesh goodies?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

busy busy bee.

What a busy stressful/fun week! I'm literally exhausted. Spent the first half of the week rushing around and going crazy about a presentation that was in on Thursday. It went kind of ok. Gave myself a little break mid week by going out for a meal for my friend's birthday to Strada, i'd never been there before and wasn't partically jumping for joy over it. It was nice to see some of the girls though.
By Thursday evening i was desperate to let my hair down properly so we headed out again for the second round of celebrations for Ezza's birthday. We hit Varsity and then Gatecrasher, was such a good night! Felt so good not to be worrying about work, it all starts again on Monday though. I love my degree but it's so stressful!
Friday brought another friends birthday, she had a party at a bar in town. I was already feeling alittle worse for wear but i manned up and did the job! Ended up being another really fun night which ended with chicken & chips with the housemates at silly a.m. Fabulous end to a busy week but I'm so excited to be having a night in right now!

ps. my lovely boyfriend bought me such a nice cardy from Zara when he visited this week, i thought i'd had my fashion fix until i hit American Apparel yesterday and spied the nicest mesh black number! LUST!

Topshop dress, vintage necklaces, vintage bracelet, Topshop boots, vintage bag.

Miss Selfridge t-shirt, borrowed belt, Topshop hotpants, D&G watch.

Topshop t-shirt, Topshop cut-offs, Topshop boots, vintage necklaces and vintage bag.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Spent the weekend in the big smoke. Family outing and all that jazz! Went to see Hairspray, not amazing but kinda fun. Were late for our reservations at the Waldorf but finally made it and had a really lovely night. However, i feel like i spent most of my weekend in service stations and rushing around on tubes! I never thought i could have too many costa's, but apparently...