Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Italy love.

Milan essentials.

H&M hat, Topman cardy, H&M shirt, Topshop dress, Raybans, Vintage bag & jewellery.
I LOVE MILAN. I want to move there asap. I've never seen so many beautiful people in the same place at one time.
And the pizza is excellent.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Toppers, eat your heart out.

Headband - H&M, jumper - vintage, shorts -Topshop, jewellery - vintage.
I've just had an hour long conversation with my best friend who's just got back from her two month trip to New York so i'm feeling pretty chipper right now.
In other news i had my ear pierced twice the other day so can only sleep on my right side because the pierced ear is giving me muchos pain, but it looks fit so i'm willing to work through it. Also had my hair dyed a shade darker last night but still blonde on the ends so i'm hoping it will stop falling out in everyday now! The perils of being a blonde.
How amazing is this jumper by the way? I love how oversized it is, i'm a sucker for finger skimming sleeves. I bought it from a charity shop a month or two ago and it's now getting cold enough to actually wear it, exciting times. Also, topshop have basically just released the exact same one but for like £40 or something ridic and this little baby set me back around 300pence. Aces.

Monday, 13 September 2010

leopard love.

Wearing: Borrowed hat, Topshop jumpsuit, Vintage bag, belt & jewellery, Rayban Wayfarers.
So this Topshop jumpsuit is the love of my life. I had to have it taken up 6cm - and i was still wearing mega platforms, surely i'm not actually the shortest person in the world?
I was going to ladies day at the races by the way, this isn't just what i wear on a regular day.
Ps. I'm 21 in less than 2 weeks.
Pps. I've just been watching the video for Rhianna's SOS and i think she should grow her hair back.
Ppps. My best friend met Anna Wintour last week so i'm going to kill myself now.