Thursday, 29 April 2010

even more maxi.

New Look maxi, Zara cardy, Vintage belt, Vintage jewellery, Accessorize earring.

Maxi-ing again! Also i appear to have stopped wearing a bra? Maybe something to do with the general election coming up? Haha.
That last photo is to show my new safety pin earring but you'll have to look close to see! I LOVE it!
PS. i definitely have too many clashing florals in my bedroom.

Monday, 26 April 2010

blossom tree.

Vintage vest with h&m vest underneath. Topshop shoes. Vintage jewellery. Raybans.
I borrowed my dads black Raybans as he was fixing mine at the time. Thinking i may like his more than my tortoise shell pair. Definitely want to invest in some white clubmasters for the summer months.
I bought this crochet top for £2.50 and have now seen about a million high street styles for at least ten times the price. I very much prefer mine to all the high street offerings as well so feeling quite smug about that.
I've put that last photo on as you can see the reflection of all my gangly limbs in the sunglasses which i quite liked. Even though i'm short i still feel terribly gangly which is abit strange.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

maxed out.

Wearing: Topshop Vest, Topshop Boutique skirt, Vintage belt worn as headband, Vintage jewellery.

I'm in love with maxi's right now. I've always been the person who liked to get there legs out (in a non slutty way) so have avoided maxi's like the plague in the past, oh along with the fact i'm that small i could just be classified as a stump. But this season there are so many great styles out there i just had to dip my toe in the maxi pool. Plus this skirt is just pure lace so technically, my legs are still on show. A great compromise.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

my new best friend.

Wearing: H&M sweater with Topshop black tee underneath, H&M Parka, H&M leggings, Topshop shoes, Vintage jewellery & bag.

Finally got myself a backpack! My long search came to an end finding this little gem in a Nottingham vintage shop for just £1. I thought i had died and gone to Heaven! Just thought i would throw in a photo of where it now proudly sits in my room. I absolutely love it. The photo which shows the back of my head revealed to me that my roots are brown and my ends are blonde? Definately time for some kind of hair treatment, i'm thinking of going properly blonde again.

I have a really rubbish cold at the minute which is annoying the hell out of me! Want to go out tonight to debut a few new purchases but not sure i'm up to it. Hmm what to do.

PS. This is my 50th post! Really didn't think i'd stick at it for this long but i must say blogging is becoming more of an obsession than hobby. I think i'm slowly beginning to even prefer blogs to magazines? Blogger is now the first site i sign into, taking Facebook's crown. Now surely that is an achievement?

Friday, 16 April 2010

clashing florals.

Wearing: Tesco dress (yes you heard me!), Topshop boots, H&M glasses, Vintage bag & Vintage jewellery.
Back in Nottingham, finally completed my Easter work which was to prepare for a mock interview, which happened yesterday. Of which i got through to the 3rd round of 4 so you know not too bad considering the last minute preparation.
When i'm in Nottingham all i want to do is sleep, eat, shop and read books. Definitely not work.
Since being back i have aquired some lovely new pieces for my friend the wardrobe. Went abit maximad purchasing a skirt and a dress. Leather shorts, ankle socks and wedges have also been added to my collection. Having new clothes just makes going out that much more exciting.

Monday, 12 April 2010

up, close and...

Wearing: Topshop cardy, Zara t-shirt, H&M socks, Vintage jewellery.

Please excuse my man hand for the time being. Just wanted to post some of the jewellery i wear on a day to day basis nice and close up. The D&G watch is a replacement of the one i got for my 18th birthday. The original broke repeatedly, that watch was the love of my life but my mum insisted i swapped it for one that actually worked. So i now have this one, which i resent, alot. (Is it weird to resent a watch?)

The silver bracelet with the stones i bought last week at a vintage fayre, the seller told me it was from the 60's so i shall take her word for it. The mini silver bangle i got in Paris, it was like 2euro or something ridiculously cheap but i just love it. And finally the band with the bolts on was a 20th birthday present from one of my bests. It's from whistles and she has a matching one, so cute i could vom! Oh and the rings, one is from an antique's market and the other from Topman. Yes, Topman. Oh and the buckles is a close up of my shoes! Still loving them more than i probably should.

Friday, 9 April 2010

peach perfect.

Wearing: Topshop top, denims & shoes (oh dear), H&M leggings, American Apparel rope as hairband, Vintage jewellery.

Looking very rough in these photo's but just wanted to show off those shoes that can only be described as SEX.
Back to university in less than two days and still no work done, definitely cutting it fine this time. I wonder if i will ever learn.
PS. yes i do wear those denim cut offs with nearly everything, so what?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

hippie hippie shake.

H&M fur coat, Vintage blouse, H&M vest, Topshop shorts, Topshop boots, H&M headband and
Vintage jewellery.

I've always felt like a hippie at heart. I was heading out for drinks with my boyfriend and kept getting compared to MGMT, oh well.

The Easter holidays are nearing the end and i'm yet to start any of my work. I'm such a last minute person which mostly does not bode well. I've been having far too much fun with my friends to even think about work. That's not a very good excuse is it?
I visited an antiques fayre yesterday. The photo's are all abit blurry as i was taking them on the sly. I wanted to buy so much! But limited funds dictated my spends and i purchased only one bracelet. Excited to give it an outing! I'm going to an antiques market tomorrow aswell which is usually pretty cheap so hope to find some gems there. I need to stop shopping.

Friday, 2 April 2010

wanting more.

Primark lace dress with H&M dress underneath, H&M short lace leggings, Topshop socks & standard vintage jewellery.
I'm not going to lie, i don't really like this outfit. It was very last minute and i had very little choice as i'm at home and most of my clothes are lonely in my Nottingham wardrobe. The lace dress is actually my mums and is from (the shaaame) Primark. But as my friend Becky would say, "it's only a wednesday night!" so i wasn't too bothered about looking abit of a skag.
Recently i've been compiling abit of a wishlist, i currently have no job therefore have no money so i imagine these items will just sit on this list for a very long time! Here's what i'm lusting after:
. Leather shorts
. Leather waistcoat
. Ridiculously high wedges
. Swimsuits
. Hippie scarves
. Morbidly coloured nail polish
. Any Wang handbag
and so so much more.
ps. my friend did a very lovely post about a photoshoot i did a while ago as she is abit of a bath tub fanatic! Check it our here:
and be sure to have a scroll through the blog, she's got a keen eye for all things cool.