Friday, 21 May 2010

blog neglect alert.

Izzy's birthday celebrations, backwards.
I've been neglecting the blog so badly recently but i've been pulling 11 hour days just to meet my deadline next Friday. I'm exhausted and can't wait for it to be over so my social life can resume and normal blogging will reoccur. Exciting.
ps. i'm wearing a borrowed Topshop playsuit, vintage jewellery and lots of glitter that didn't seem to show up on camera?
pps. if you are wondering, the cake reads 'smug bird'.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hidden agenda.

Oxfam top, H&M bra, borrowed shorts, Topshop boots, Vintage bag and jewellery.
Still loving those Topshop prostitute boots. Tried on about a million pairs of wedges and clogs but found nothing that matches the love i have for these boots as of yet.
Went to our student union last night, we only go about three times a year so it's usually bearable but last night was just unacceptable. An earlyish departure was made, along with a strong vow to never venture there again.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

cocktail mix.

Wearing: Vintage dress, bag & jewellery, Topshop boots.
Went for cocktails at our favourite haunt Coco Tang with two of my stylish friends last night. Today i'm tired and waiting for my boyfriend to pay me a visit. I'm feeling very lazy when i really should be doing some work as i have an UNBELIEVABLE amount to complete within a month. Why did i ever choose to go to University?
PS. I couldn't vote today due to unforseen circumstances which i'm pretty pissed about but i hope everyone else who was able, did. I'm geekily excited for the results. I'm not even really into politics so i'm not sure why i guess this year i feel like whatever happens is sure to affect me more than it ever has done before.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Leather me up. Leather me down.

H! By Henry Holland leather shorts, Topshop vest, Vintage bag, Vintage jewellery, Topshop shoes.
I was actually going out and it was warm, i'm honestly not a hussy.
I've been excitedly pouring over pictures from the Met Gala today. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Emma Watson in particular as i usually find that she looks like she's just been plonked in a dress that doesn't really suit her but she's been told looks edgy or whatever. But she absolutely killed the Burberry number and actually looked comfortable in her own skin for once. I'm also a massive fan of Alexa's risque number which i couldn't resist but post about earlier. I was also very happy to see Kirsten Dunst made an appearance and looked insanely beautiful as per usual. I wish Kirsten was in my life abit more, maybe i'll just have to start watching 'Bring It On' again every night like i used to when i was 15.

Oh Alexa.

Met Gala. What do we think? I LOVE.