Sunday, 20 June 2010

Garden party.

Girl love.

A few snaps from our little garden party a couple of weeks ago before we all had to go back to reality. Some are taken on the lumo cam on my phone. It's been so lovely and warm recently it's amazing. I'm still desperate for a holday though. I must say i am becoming a green eyed monster listening/seeing friends holiday photos/stories. Get me to a beach please, asap.
Oh Ps. I'm wearing Rayban Wayfarers and slashed knit vintage croptop.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

OH life.

I'm back. I think?

I've been feeling totally uninspired to blog recently and life has just taken over. Life has been weird actually. The last two weeks of term all blurred into one hellish time and once i came out of it i just wanted to run around like abit of a crazy person throwing caution to the wind. I'm just starting to slow down.

So my camera broke a few weeks ago which was pretty dreadful so my iphone is all i have. Which is pretty rubbish photo quality. Hoping to get a new camera sharpish! This has also been dettering me from posting.

So it's been a pretty hectic time really. I went to Dot To Dot fest in Nottingham which was incred and then came back home, and then went to Manchester to see the legend that is GAGA a few days later. And can i just say.......INSANE. Best i've ever seen in my life! And i think she is maybe even as weird as me? Then i went back to Nottingham which was just the perfect end to second year, spent the day in the park, went for a curry then back for a little garden party with the girls. Oh we also went to the final year degree show which was amazing and has officially petrified me for next year. Then i came back home for only one day as i then headed off to London to see my sister and work at the Trent stall at Graduate Fashion Week. I saw Erin O'Connor and Hilary Alexander ( the latter was so unacceptable. ) And i've just got back from Manchester yet again, from a day fest called Parklife which was so much fun. My friend drove us back home at like 2am this morning through the Moors though we were so scared, sat navs are just rubbish. Oh and i got a job today which is just amazing news. Still looking for some industry work experience though poss at some kind of branding agency? I really need to decide what i want to do with my life. Last year i did work experience at Marks and Spencers HO (the national treasure) so may go back there again to bulk up the CV.

Anyway no one cares about any of this shit i'm absolutely blabbering on. These photo's are from my last night out in Nottingham for the year (sob) it was about 3 weeks ago now, arrgh! Photo quality is rubbish because iphone camera's are pure shit. I'm wearing Topshop shorts, lacy things underneath from TK Maxx, Topshop top & boots, Vintage jewellery & belt.

Will defs be posting more often now, have some kinda good photo's to post soon just of life recently. But for now, Sleep.