Saturday, 4 July 2009

So it's been a while..

For some annoying unknown reason my lappy hasn't been allowing me to log in to blogger for the last week, but today is a different story.

So i've been back from Ibiza for nearly a week, had a wonderful time just relaxing in the sun with my mamma. Went to Ibiza town, which is somewhere i didn't visit with my friends last year and it was a little dissapointing i have to admit. Much prefer San Antonio, we hit Cafe Mambo and none other than Sarah Harding was sat at the table next to us, looking suprisingly stunning (and sober for the most part) in a blue maxi and no make up. Simple and chic, i was impressed.

Since returing to good ol' blighty i have been working and shopping and seeing friends. It hasn't been a bad week i suppose, but not the best. Going to LDN Monday morning until late Tuesday night to see my sister and friends which i'm thoroughly looking forward to. Not looking forward to, however, working tomorrow, and working wednesday morning, especially after such a rubbish 9-6 today. Why do i have to work?

Here are some holiday snaps. Some outfit choices may have been slightly dodge but holiday is a time to lose your inhibitions!

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