Monday, 15 February 2010


So i've been back from Paris a couple of days now and starting to feel kind of normal again. Felt like all my muscles had tightened from scrunching myself up in attempt to stay warm in the sub zero temps, which turned out to be pretty hopeless anyway.

It was my first time in Paris and i was expecting to be enchanted but sadly i found myself feeling slightly dissapointed. Maybe it was because we literally stayed in Paris' equivalent to the Bronx but there was just nothing that really grabbed me about Paris. Perhaps my expectations were too high, or it could simply be the fact that i was really ill the week before and wasn't fully recovered. Perhaps the long, freezing cold days and constant female company were just all too much for me. I really would like to return to Paris and do things a little differently, defs stay in a nicer area and defs go when the temp is warmer.
But enough moaning, i did enjoy the trip as a whole and there was a massive amount of amazing sites that i did see and love as the pictures above show.
I like you, Paris. Not nearing love just yet.

PS. RIP Alexander, fashion will miss you.

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