Sunday, 14 March 2010

one holey mess.

H&M tee, Topshop cardy, Urban jeans, Topshop boots, Vintage/Topshop jewellery.
So you can see i have a total overload of rings on right there. I've been abit obsessed with rings since December time so my collection is slowly building, but buying from Topshop, H&M etc they tend to go that off bronze pretty quickly which makes me so annoyed! I wish i could afford to invest in some of good quality but i just don't have the funds right now, which also annoys me!
I also thought i'd post the photo of me half smiling, as it is well known throughout my social circle that i NEVER smile on photographs, but my darling friend caught me off guard and i kind of thought i didn't look all that bad. I much prefer a good pout though.
So this weekend has been spent at home and i've been feeling really ill but tried to power through which has resulting in me feeling like what i can only imagine a person feels on deaths door. Friday i did dinner and drinks with my bests, Saturday spent the day shopping with my family & went to the cinema with the bf in the evening, (to see the new Scorsese film which was incredible i can't stop thinking about it, i really don't think i should have seen it i'm too mental), then my poppa cooked an amazing curry afterwards followed by a seriously early night. Sadly the early night did not make up for previous antics and i really do feel awful now. urrghh. My body really hates me.
Oh i also popped into Debenhams to see the H! by Henry Holland range and i must say it was a huuuge dissapointment. Has anyone else seen it in store? I'm not sure if it is just aimed at someone of a younger age than myself but i could only pick one or two pieces that i'd even consider trying. The material felt cheap, the prints looked off and don't even get me started on the VM.
Absolute essay of a post, apologies if i bore.


  1. like your style....shabby chic!

  2. LOVE the cardi!
    Oh I've been wanting to see Shutter Island for ages now - I'm a big fan of his others, especially the ones with Leo...
    p.s. hehe yeah I'm pretty sure that's how you spell mesmerising (I've only been out of school for 3 months and already I've forgotten everything haha) - and definitely give Remember Me a go, even if you don't end up liking it...

  3. i'm loving all your posts so i'm following =)

    from spindizzyfall