Monday, 2 August 2010

hippie vs hussy.

Wearing: Topshop shorts & bag, DIY top & vintage everything else.

Wearing: Topshop shorts & bag, vintage/charity shop everything else.
I'm going to start re-stalking blogs right this second! I want my life back please!
PS. I'm not complaining, i'm totally happy right now i'm just so busy and wish i had more time in my life. Feeling this busy now makes me not want to even imagine what 3rd year is going to be like. Scary shit.


  1. both of those are very cute looks...

  2. awwww, you look absolutely gorgeous in both outfits! espeically the topshop colorful pants are my favorites!

  3. I LOVEEE that sheer white top you have one!! you're looking gorgeous as always! xx

  4. Cutest outfit ever!! Im in love with that first outfit and i love that its shorts! So So cute!

    Ps. Please do a post on your hair, it always looks so good.

  5. great outfit...your look is beautiful as always...