Sunday, 31 January 2010

twins at coco tang.

Izzy's wearing: Topshop shirt, Topshop vest (i think!), Accessorize jewellery and belt, Zara shoes.

I'm wearing: Topshop dress, Topshop waitcoat, Vintage velvet shirt, Accessorize belt, Vintage jewellery and bag.

On Wednesday a group of us headed down to a cocktail bar in Notts, 'The House of Coco Tang', which last year was our most favoured destination for cocktails and catch-ups. It has sadly taken a backseat this year as the workload has increased and our desire to brave the sub-zero temparatures has submerged. This was my first visit of the year to coco tang and i was delighted to discover it remains the perfect destination for a low key evening with the girls. The photo's i have posted show my twin Izzy and I. (Ok so we're not actually related in the slightest but I like to think we are.) Yes we are wearing the same belt but i promise i spyed it first!


  1. twins poserssssss
    hahha lack of posts due to the fact that im SKIING and resent doing DVC as opposed to SKIING so im not going to start blogging too!xxx

  2. That last outfit is HAWT!! And that picture with the bunny ears is just adorable! xx