Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Leather me up. Leather me down.

H! By Henry Holland leather shorts, Topshop vest, Vintage bag, Vintage jewellery, Topshop shoes.
I was actually going out and it was warm, i'm honestly not a hussy.
I've been excitedly pouring over pictures from the Met Gala today. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Emma Watson in particular as i usually find that she looks like she's just been plonked in a dress that doesn't really suit her but she's been told looks edgy or whatever. But she absolutely killed the Burberry number and actually looked comfortable in her own skin for once. I'm also a massive fan of Alexa's risque number which i couldn't resist but post about earlier. I was also very happy to see Kirsten Dunst made an appearance and looked insanely beautiful as per usual. I wish Kirsten was in my life abit more, maybe i'll just have to start watching 'Bring It On' again every night like i used to when i was 15.


  1. Gorgeous Outfit!

    Cute Bag :)

  2. leather shorts! how fresh! looks great with the neutral top!


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  4. gorgeous girl!
    love your necklaces.

  5. pretty.!!!
    love the shorts.
    love ur outfit posts.

  6. amazing outfit!!!!!

    cool yeahhh!



  7. First off... you are stunning! Very pretty girl. Secondly, loving the outfit. Accessorizing is such an important part of shifting any outfit from blasé to extroadinary. It can be so hard to refrain from veering into the overkill category as well. However, you toed the line just perfectly and scrolling down to check out more of your looks I see you have mastered the art perfectly. Well done! +Follow

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog as well.

  8. Also just had to say in regards to your comment a few posts down:
    "PS. This is my 50th post! Really didn't think i'd stick at it for this long but i must say blogging is becoming more of an obsession than hobby. I think i'm slowly beginning to even prefer blogs to magazines? Blogger is now the first site i sign into, taking Facebook's crown. Now surely that is an achievement? "
    I definitely concur! I thought blogging for me would be a brief blip but I am officially addicted! Glad to see we are of a like mind ;)

  9. I'm loving your look!I especially love the sock detail :) You look gorgeous!

    And we definitely have something in common with the shoe obsession thing - it's a problem! lol


  10. great outfit! i like the bag

  11. omg i want everything that you're wearing...it's all perfect, down to your hair!
    and it's ok to be a hussy once in a while ;)

  12. love this outfit so much !