Thursday, 6 May 2010

cocktail mix.

Wearing: Vintage dress, bag & jewellery, Topshop boots.
Went for cocktails at our favourite haunt Coco Tang with two of my stylish friends last night. Today i'm tired and waiting for my boyfriend to pay me a visit. I'm feeling very lazy when i really should be doing some work as i have an UNBELIEVABLE amount to complete within a month. Why did i ever choose to go to University?
PS. I couldn't vote today due to unforseen circumstances which i'm pretty pissed about but i hope everyone else who was able, did. I'm geekily excited for the results. I'm not even really into politics so i'm not sure why i guess this year i feel like whatever happens is sure to affect me more than it ever has done before.


  1. love the dress!
    you look beautiful xx

  2. such cute dress and i'm loving the volume in your hair! lovely!

  3. frickin hung parliament... x

  4. so gorgeous! i love your dress :) great blog, i'm following ♥