Saturday, 23 October 2010

lesbian girl band.

Wearing: Topshop coat, top, shorts, shoes. H&M socks. Vintage bag and jewellery.

So third year doesn't allow for much play time. But we managed to break out of the eat/sleep/work routine for one night only and hit up NCC. We realised we looked like a girl band, and then we decided that we should all be lesbians. Clearly the night was a success.
Oh and my hair is now mousey brown. I like. I think.


  1. loving all the pics girlies you all look beautiful xxx


    fab outfits:)


  3. Love these, it's The Like meets a Topshop lookbook!

  4. I like the brown, i think darker for winter is always a good way to go.

    Love your girl band, best dressed band this side of town!

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  6. gorgeous coat, and your photos are so natural love this :)

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