Monday, 11 October 2010

poncho's in the noughties.

Vintage poncho, Next jeans, River Island wedges, H&M hat, Vintage jewellery.

Ahh i haven't had internet for over a weeeek! How dread. These were taken on our last day in Milan which seems like forever ago now.

I'm back at university in Nottingham working my bum off like some kind of slave to fashion marketing. Got a few exciting projects lined up though so there is much to be positive about. Although on the downside as mentioned we have no internet or tv in our flat yet. So Izzy and I mainly spend our evenings (or whats left of them after slaving away in Bonington til a ridiculous hour) staring each other in the face singing along to absolute radio. Talk about living the dream.

Also received some AMAZING jewellery from theredhiney blog the other day. If you haven't checked out her handmade jewellery do so now it is incred. Will post some of the pieces in my next post. Until then, muchos student slave love.

PS. If you're a student just drop out before third year, honestly.


  1. loving the poncho!!

  2. I do love a good poncho!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Just FYI, the dress she's wearing is Shakuhachi :)