Friday, 26 November 2010

disco time.

Wearing: Topshop blouse, Ragged Priest customised Levi's, H&M bandeau, random shoes, vintage jewellery.
So we had a mini photo sesh before we went out the other night and this is the result. It was so good to get out of the flat and drink cocktails and dance like idiots. I know all i ever say is how stressed i am but i am seriously freaking out about life! I think i need to gain some perspective maybs?
What are the thoughts on the shorts? In June i tried some v similar ones in Topshop but chose the standard american flag ones instead and i have regretted it ever since. I searched Topshops across the country but to no avail. So when i spotted these in Manchester the other week i snapped them up in an instant. I'm pretty sure they'll be constantly attatched to my body for the forseeable future.
Peace out lovers!


  1. I love the big glasses! the pics are cool :D

  2. so girly so cute! you girls are dolls!

  3. you girls look hot! love the glasses they really work. bet yous had such a fun night.x

  4. wat an awesome pictures!!!

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  5. Really nice pics....and I love the blog..
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    let's keep in touch.

  6. These photos are soo cheeky and playful, dig it, hard!!!

    You def have a follower in me, you've got an awesome blog!!!