Thursday, 21 April 2011

the impossible future.

Clothes from all over the shop! Mostly customised.

These are some photos that izzy and i snapped on location for Jen's 'impossible future' video/photoshoot. Check out her blog at

It was so much fun! Getting naked in some random carpark, not realising security cameras were very nearby, spraying our hair purple, dancing like crazy people. So excited to see the final video.

Ps. I've been a rubbish blogger. Again. Soz!


  1. Ah, these photos are radddd! I love the makeup/hair.. and the styling, MY GOD, is gorgeous.

    xx chels

  2. that eye make up is crazzzzzzzy .but so so cool. looks like you had an amazing time, all that styling = wow.x

  3. your eyes - holy crap!
    the styling is great. lovvve the purple hair. x.