Monday, 9 May 2011

and what?

Images from fashiontoast, Mulberry, stuff I've been working on.

Hello! Blogging sporadically once again. Not really much point to this post, kind of just avoiding doing what i should be doing. Anyway, the Spring Style is an article i was working on for a live project just thought I'd share. Took a ridiculously long time to write/edit/visualise.

The sepia image is my 'self promo' square for my degree show (kmn asif I'm graduating next month). Had to sneak that old bath picture on thur.

Oh and the Mulb at the end is my 21st birthday present. Defs the best thing i have ever owned/will ever own.

I am well aware that i talked about those pictures in the wrong order but that's just standard.

TLC just came on the radio, heaven.

Spent the day at L'Oreal HQ last week, was actually pretty amazing. Indoctrinated into the L'Oreal way now. Slightly worrying.


  1. love these!


  2. the first picture is amazing


  3. heh heh, don't worry, i seem to blog to procrastinate all the time, you're not alone :)



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