Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Having a big sequin moment.

sS i'm not doing too well seeing as though my last blog was around 3 months ago. But i seriously am going to start doing this properly.

So since i got home from uni, i've been seriously clearing out clothes/shoes/bags and all things fashion. Today i took a trip to cancer research and donated a large amount of merch...and then purchased a bag while i was there. Defeating the point? I'm not sure. Anyway the bag is a delicious little gold sparkly/sequin number with a long strap perfect for throwing over my shoulder. I may give it an outing tommorow night. I have also recently rediscovered a beautiful little sequined waistcoat type thing from the spotlight collection at Warehouse which if i remeber rightly i purchased in the sale quite some time ago. Why haven't i been wearing it everyday since it's arrival in my paws i ask myself? I'm now making up for lost time.

Today i also visited the antiques market with my momma and pops and bought a necklace which i feel i've been looking for all my life, a steal at £4. I popped into save the children aswell and got a large floral meant to be blouse for £2 which my momma treated me to haha. I'm generally pleased with my purchases. Generally pleased with my day actually, been with my pops to look at possible new cars, visiting the BMW, Audi and oddly Volvo showrooms. And i had a thorntons ice-cream. I love days off.

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