Sunday, 14 June 2009

Right then, today has not been the best what so ever. Did not realise we had a brief to do over summer but don't really mind that, but have had abit of a rubbish day at work while it has been beautiful outside.

Still stuck in a holiday dilema which i cannot even begin to explain and had a very patronising conversation (on their behalf) with an old friend. Also some of my stuff sold on ebay today for slightly dissapointing prices but nevermind just need to keep selling i guess.

I have decided today that i am in desperate need of new shoes, heels and flats. I am also in desperate need of dresses, not ones that i just call dresses as they just cover my modesty with leggings, but actual dresses that can be worn with bare legs. The hunt is on. PS. someone please give me pennies to fund this.

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