Thursday, 11 June 2009

Oh dear buying again..

Today i went shopping. Again. I'm honestly not usually this bad but i did have something that i needed to return so that's my excuse. The item in question: a very cute fuscia pink dress with an open back and bow that i wore to the horse races last week, however i realised the hook for the eye was sewn on the wrong way, very sad times. I intended on swapping it for the same one but knew this would be a hopeless task at my Toppers as the chances of getting the same dress in a 6 petite are basically zero. So off i trotted to Meadowhall..what a suprise, no 6 petite there either, meaning i was forced to swap it for something else. But how much do i love my something else? ALOT. Strappy floral tiny little playsuit. Tight bodice and very baggy shorts. I also bought a gold necklace with an orange stone in a gold kind of case. Will post some pictures soon anyway. It was a really good morning, however the afternoomn turned slightly sour. Had some unpleasent duties to attend to with a friend but all the same i was glad to be of service and always will be. Then the afternoon got worse as i turned down a weeks work at Glastonbury due to really rubbish shifts and the monsoon prediction and the fact that a week in the sunshine was my other option! Still feeling awful about it though. Yet the evening brightened with a sofa sesh involving galaxy, plenty of tea and SATC. Perfect.

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