Friday, 2 April 2010

wanting more.

Primark lace dress with H&M dress underneath, H&M short lace leggings, Topshop socks & standard vintage jewellery.
I'm not going to lie, i don't really like this outfit. It was very last minute and i had very little choice as i'm at home and most of my clothes are lonely in my Nottingham wardrobe. The lace dress is actually my mums and is from (the shaaame) Primark. But as my friend Becky would say, "it's only a wednesday night!" so i wasn't too bothered about looking abit of a skag.
Recently i've been compiling abit of a wishlist, i currently have no job therefore have no money so i imagine these items will just sit on this list for a very long time! Here's what i'm lusting after:
. Leather shorts
. Leather waistcoat
. Ridiculously high wedges
. Swimsuits
. Hippie scarves
. Morbidly coloured nail polish
. Any Wang handbag
and so so much more.
ps. my friend did a very lovely post about a photoshoot i did a while ago as she is abit of a bath tub fanatic! Check it our here:
and be sure to have a scroll through the blog, she's got a keen eye for all things cool.


  1. i loveee this lace dress cant believe its primark! sweeet.

  2. Beautiful photos!

  3. Girl, you're gorgeous! And your style is one to keep an eye on. HOT blog. :)


  4. You Look Georgeous:)

    Factory Girl