Tuesday, 20 April 2010

my new best friend.

Wearing: H&M sweater with Topshop black tee underneath, H&M Parka, H&M leggings, Topshop shoes, Vintage jewellery & bag.

Finally got myself a backpack! My long search came to an end finding this little gem in a Nottingham vintage shop for just £1. I thought i had died and gone to Heaven! Just thought i would throw in a photo of where it now proudly sits in my room. I absolutely love it. The photo which shows the back of my head revealed to me that my roots are brown and my ends are blonde? Definately time for some kind of hair treatment, i'm thinking of going properly blonde again.

I have a really rubbish cold at the minute which is annoying the hell out of me! Want to go out tonight to debut a few new purchases but not sure i'm up to it. Hmm what to do.

PS. This is my 50th post! Really didn't think i'd stick at it for this long but i must say blogging is becoming more of an obsession than hobby. I think i'm slowly beginning to even prefer blogs to magazines? Blogger is now the first site i sign into, taking Facebook's crown. Now surely that is an achievement?


  1. great parka & i love your bag, such a great find & a bargain too!


  2. hey cool blogger girl!!!!!!!

    love so much your shoes!!!!!!!!

    just perfect!!!!!!!!

    your outfits below are pretty cool ,too!!!!!!!!

    i followed u!!!!!!!!

    come visit me...and follow me..if u fancy...!!!!!!!!!!



  3. I adore your bag, I want! Congrats on your 50th post, it really is an obsession!

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. i have literally got an erection over that bag. IT IS AMAZING!

  5. oh girl I love it!! I totally want that!

  6. love your jacket! cute bag too xx

  7. I love backpacks (or is it rucksacks). Rocking the free world.

  8. ohhh such a rad find! well done! haha
    thank you for your comment =D


  9. ummmm .... in love with that caramel back pack!!

  10. i think i'm in love with your backpack...