Monday, 12 April 2010

up, close and...

Wearing: Topshop cardy, Zara t-shirt, H&M socks, Vintage jewellery.

Please excuse my man hand for the time being. Just wanted to post some of the jewellery i wear on a day to day basis nice and close up. The D&G watch is a replacement of the one i got for my 18th birthday. The original broke repeatedly, that watch was the love of my life but my mum insisted i swapped it for one that actually worked. So i now have this one, which i resent, alot. (Is it weird to resent a watch?)

The silver bracelet with the stones i bought last week at a vintage fayre, the seller told me it was from the 60's so i shall take her word for it. The mini silver bangle i got in Paris, it was like 2euro or something ridiculously cheap but i just love it. And finally the band with the bolts on was a 20th birthday present from one of my bests. It's from whistles and she has a matching one, so cute i could vom! Oh and the rings, one is from an antique's market and the other from Topman. Yes, Topman. Oh and the buckles is a close up of my shoes! Still loving them more than i probably should.


  1. i love this post!! the pictures are gorgeous and i love how you rocking your look, and the jewelry?? AMAZING!i wish i could shop more vintage pieces ;)


  2. so pretty.
    you have the most gorgeous eyes.
    and your style is gorgeous!
    jewellery looks so fine.
    LOVE IT.
    check my blog. =)

    LOVE X

  3. at first i thought this was one of those "in your home" editorials. BEJEEZUS, you have the most lovely wardrobe. just read a million pages of your blog - love it. consider yourself followed. x

  4. I love the bracelet your friend got you for your birthday. It's definitely not something you'd see every day, which helps

    It's Cohen

  5. the grey jacket is crazy beautiful. great blog!
    lots of greetings from berlin!
    xx theresa

  6. beautiful collection of jewels u have acquired there love it alll


  7. you are lovely!! I love all your jewelry!

  8. Looks like you've got a very nice collection of accessories. I love your top!

  9. i love your jewellery!
    btw great blog!

  10. Hi, just found your blog & love it!
    You have such lovely bracelets, I'm extremely jealous...especially that D&G watch. I think it's fine to resent it, but I think it's just lovely anyway =)